VMware announced new advancements for VMware Cloud, the industry’s first multi-cloud computing infrastructure.

According to VMware, multi-cloud is now the model for digital businesses seeking rapid transformation. The company announced a number of innovations for its cross-cloud services, including:

  • A new portfolio of managed Kubernetes services to modernize applications in the VMware Cloud.
  • Features that make running enterprise applications on VMware Cloud easier and more secure.
  • A new initiative that supports the need for customers to run their business in sovereign clouds.
  • Technical previews showing the future of VMware Cloud.

Taken together, VMware believes these innovations will provide VMware Cloud customers with more tools to drive enterprise application modernization while increasing business agility, resilience, and reducing costs compared to existing approaches.

“VMware has carved out a unique position for itself in the world of multi-cloud computing by picking up customers where they can help them achieve their cloud goals,” said Mark Lohmeyer, senior VP and general manager of the Cloud Infrastructure Business Group from VMware.

“VMware helps eliminate the wrong choice between business innovation and IT control. Our latest innovations help customers to modernize apps, infrastructure and operations economically and with low risk and to increase developer productivity.

“With Project Arctic, the next evolution of VMware vSphere, we will unleash the hybrid cloud for any business,” he adds.

Kubernetes-based containers and IaaS

As part of VMware Cloud on AWS, VMware Cloud with Tanzu Services is a new portfolio of managed Kubernetes services available at no additional charge.

According to VMware, IT administrators will use the VMware vCenter interface to unify VM and container management on a common platform. Creating consistency for platform operators or SREs managing Kubernetes clusters across clouds.

Easier and more secure for corporate applications

According to VMware, running enterprise vSphere apps in any cloud environment is easier and more secure. Research has shown that VMware Cloud customers can achieve 300% faster Kubernetes deployment, 46% faster cloud migration, and 57% reduction in total cost of ownership.

The flexibility of VMware Cloud enables customers to move to the cloud on their schedule and run vSphere workloads in a cloud of their choice. VMware Cloud runs as a native service in over 100 regions, including all public clouds: AWS, Azure, Google Cloud, IBM Cloud, and Oracle Cloud, as well as over 4,000 partner clouds in private data centers and at the edge.

VMware offers better security and data protection through software, scalable distributed architecture, and a cloud delivery model. There is also a consistent security policy and functionality in all environments.

Requirements for sovereign clouds

Research by IDC shows that 50-60% of companies believe there is a national mandate to improve data security, privacy and innovation. The new VMware Sovereign Cloud Initiative helps customers work with trusted national cloud service providers to meet geospatial requirements for data sovereignty and judicial control.

The first designated partners of VMware Sovereign Cloud are UKCloud, OVHcloud, AUCloud, Datacom, NxtGen, Noovle, Telefonica, TietoEvry, Telmex and ThinkOn.

The future of the VMware cloud

At VMworld, VMware will present further R&D investments and innovations for VMware Cloud with tech previews from Project Capitola, Project Cascade and Project Ensemble.


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