A survey found that most people are interested in Ethereum, but only 24% have built something with blockchain.

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Developers believe blockchain lives up to the hype, but most haven’t developed products or services using the technology, according to a new survey by Stack Overflow.

Stack Overflow surveyed nearly 700 developers to understand how software engineers think about blockchain. The survey found that 61% of respondents think blockchain is a game changer, while 38% think it doesn’t live up to the hype.

Only 24% have built something with blockchain, but 62% of respondents want to do so. Respondents who built with blockchain were more optimistic about the potential.

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Of the people working on blockchain projects, 81% use the blockchain as a side project or hobby, while 57% develop blockchain at work. Ethereum is by far the most popular blockchain technology, with Hyperledger and OpenChain ranked second and third by a wide margin. Interest in Ethereum has remained higher than interest in Bitcoin on Stack Exchange sites over the past year.

The most popular languages ​​overall – JS, Python, and Java – are the basics of the blockchain.

Unsurprisingly, blockchain questions about Stack Overflow are rising the same moments that Bitcoin prices are rising, according to the survey report.

There are ways to build blockchain solutions with real applications. In the early months of the COVID-19 pandemic, IBM built Rapid Supplier Connect to connect manufacturers that make masks and other health products to medical systems that needed those goods. Suppliers new to the medical device market and healthcare buyers have registered on the Rapid Supplier website and then connected. The project was built using existing components from other IBM products, including Trust Your Supplier, a blockchain-based platform that provides pre-verified information on suppliers, and the Sterling Supply Chain Suite.

Forrester predicted earlier this year that 30% of blockchain projects would get into production in a short period of time due to a more realistic approach to harnessing the technology and the “pandemic-induced acceleration and initiation of projects that deliver measurable benefits.”

Forrester analyst Martha Bennett also predicted that legal blockchains will be the most common choice as the news about public blockchains discourages business leaders worried about compliance and risk. Finally, Bennett expects China to make the fastest advances in technology as the country makes blockchain an integral part of the country’s digital infrastructure by investing in all industries.

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