It’s not just me, your humble amateur cryptocurrency owner, who thinks it is high time integrators got more involved in the mysterious world of Bitcoin. Kunal Sawhney, CEO of Kalkine Group, says AV and IT integrators who don’t jump on board now are missing out.

“Technology is underpinning the world of audio and video integration and the realm of digital currency,” wrote Sawhney, in part in response to my recent blog post about why AV integrators should accept Dogecoin and other forms of cryptocurrency as a means of payment for their work.

“The former enables companies to get the most out of AV equipment, and the latter changes the way we conduct financial transactions. AV integrators are providers of IoT (Internet of Things) services that integrate devices such as projectors, speakers and software into a unified system, ”says Sawhney.

“Cryptos are also revolutionizing finance by incorporating a decentralized technology called blockchain,” he says. “The common thread between AV integration and digital currencies is their growing adoption around the world – and it may be the right time for AV integrators to think about how to make the digital currency ecosystem more efficient.”

Why AVTweeps Should Embrace Crypto

AV and resimercial integrators have “the expertise to connect things and combine systems for seamless interaction,” says Sawhney. “While digital currencies have not had a stable status and are not yet widely accepted as a payment method, they promise seamless money transfer with advanced technology.

“This advanced technology is the distributed ledger that is immutable and decentralized. Digital currencies like Bitcoin have played a key role in promoting the wider adoption of blockchain technology, ”he adds.

“Today, financial institutions around the world are investigating how blockchain can make their IT infrastructure more secure. AV and IT integrators can also look into this aspect to make their systems more robust, ”says Sawhney.

So it’s not just about betting on a volatile payment method when every dollar is important to AV and IT integrators. It is also about the opportunities that the same integrators have to help their customers take advantage of the world of cryptocurrency and also step into that world with their customers.

“Blockchain adoption is growing, and the world of AV and IT integration will likely continue to pursue this technology to improve the customer experience,” said Sawhney. “It also offers the opportunity to view cryptocurrencies positively.

“AV integrators not only install the system, they also provide maintenance and scaling services. Using digital currencies as a means of payment for these services can add value as the whole system can then be underpinned by advanced technologies, ”he says.

I know a lot of readers made fun of managed services to make money for their AV and IT integration companies for years. Hence, I expect a similar reaction when it comes to cryptocurrency. They’re a skeptical group by nature – and that’s fine.

I’m not saying that there are no risks to a payments system that relies entirely on cryptocurrency – or security issues that have yet to be addressed, but if one day I become a Dogecoin millionaire, please remember: I told you so.

This article originally appeared on the website of our sister publication Commercial Integrator.


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