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Pluralsight Abilities Expands Palms-On Studying Capabilities for Cybersecurity, IT Ops, and Software program Growth; Launches New Tech Certification Expertise


Published: October 12, 2021 at 10:00 a.m. CDT|Updated: 4 hours ago

SILICON SLOPE, Utah, Oct 12, 2021 / PRNewswire / – Pluralsight, Inc., the technology workforce development company, today announced an expansion of Pluralsight Skills with new laboratory-based hands-on learning experiences for cybersecurity, IT operations, and software development professionals, as well as a new experience to help technology learners abandon themselves prepare key technology industry certifications.

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Pluralsight Skills complements the platform’s extensive library of on-demand video content from the world’s top tech teachers with hands-on learning skills in challenging technology skills such as cybersecurity, IT operations, and software development. Hands-on learning is a critical component of any effective skills development platform and strategy. The preservation and application of knowledge from practical learning experiences is dramatically improved compared to alternative learning modalities, and the combination of practical and on-demand skills development techniques gives companies the tools they need to develop technology skills effectively on a large scale.

“The most successful business organizations take a structured approach to skills development that includes a combination of practical, on-demand and teacher-led training, live or virtual. This expansion of hands-on learning opportunities enables our customers to more effectively develop their technical talents on a large scale and ensure that they have the necessary expertise to complete their most pressing technology projects effectively and cost-effectively, “said Gary Eimerman, GM of Skills, Pluralsight.

As companies work to address new technological advances and ways of working after the 2020 pandemic outbreak, skill gaps have widened in critical technology areas such as cloud computing, data, cybersecurity, AI, and machine learning. In Pluralsight’s latest education progress report, technology experts said their confidence in their current jobs being done (–13%) and their ability to do their jobs over the next three years (–8%) compared to last year have decreased.

With the introduction of these new labs, Pluralsight Skills now offers more than 900 laboratory-based hands-on learning experiences for technologists who want to fill skill gaps and stay one step ahead of today’s rapidly changing technology. These hands-on learning opportunities include:

  • 772 labs for cloud computing
  • 21 labs for software development
  • 63 cybersecurity laboratories
  • 44 labs for IT operations

A clearer path for certification
In addition to expanding the practical learning experience, Pluralsight is introducing a new technology certification landscape within Pluralsight Skills, the so-called Certification Prep Center. This new experience enables learners to browse more than 130 certification preparation paths offered in Pluralsight Skills and receive clear, step-by-step guidance on how to develop the skills necessary to pass the certification exams.

For more information on how Pluralsight Skills works with companies to fill skill gaps, please visit www.pluralsight.com.

About Pluralsight

Pluralsight is the leading people development technology company, helping businesses and teams create better products by developing critical skills, improving processes and discovering insights through data, and providing strategic competency advice. Forward-looking companies of all sizes in every industry rely on Pluralsight and support individuals and companies in transforming with technology. Pluralsight Skills helps companies build tech skills at scale with expert-written courses on today’s key technologies, including cloud, artificial intelligence and machine learning, data science and security. Skills also includes tools to align competency development with business objectives, instructor-led virtual training, hands-on labs, competency assessments and unique analysis. Flow complements skills by providing engineering teams with actionable data and insight into workflow templates to accelerate product and service delivery. For more information on Pluralsight, please visit pluralsight.com.

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