As the country and the rest of the world move towards better understanding, awareness and appreciation for crypto ecosystems, a group of forward-thinking Filipinos with a proven track record, expertise and achievement in their respective industries have come together to form the MetaDhana. to establish consortium.

MetaDhana CEO Mikhail Peñalosa stated that the group is focused on democratizing artificial intelligence, blockchain, game development and creative development for Filipino creators and various crypto ecosystems.

“MetaDhana aims to push the boundaries of innovation by combining blockchain and artificial intelligence in a metaverse,” said Peñalosa.

The young CEO goes on to mention that the consortium believes that the key to creating a true metaverse, a virtual space in digital spaces such as online gaming and virtual reality, is an independent, sustainable environment that sets new paradigms in storytelling , Productivity and finance. when blockchain and artificial intelligence are combined.

“Because data in the blockchain is immutable and very valuable, the AI ​​training set becomes more reliable and accurate,” adds Michael John Peña, CTO of MetaDhana.

The MetaDhana roadmap

MetaDhana has worked on a number of projects with Microsoft Azure and OpenAI that are scheduled to start in the last quarter of 2021 and the first half of 2022.

  1. AI-powered NFT metaverse. The Metazoan Chronicles: Order of the Felix is ​​the first AI-NFT metaverse of its kind with man-made art, lore, culture and world, which is generatively expanded and further developed with AI and is expected to be on the market at the end of October 2021.
  2. Non-fungible Token (NFT) type drops. With an established team of more than 20 artists, MetaDhana will work with several local writers and artists to create a range of production-level works of art. The NFT will have utilities such as games, comics, and access to anime produced through NFT sales.
  3. A play-to-earn NFT fighting game with our proprietary fighting game engine.
  4. the MetaDhana token, a metaverse ecosystem token that combines both blockchain and AI.

Powerhouse Metaverse Creation Team

To ensure first-class technical execution, MetaDhana has a joint venture partnership with the Sydney-based technology company Datachain Consulting under the direction of Michael John Peña, a Microsoft MVP for Azure since 2015, with over 10 years of professional experience in the fields of mobile, Cloud, web and DevOps, closed. Michael has been working on blockchain technologies since 2014 and has been involved in various enterprise-class blockchain and AI applications such as: B. Lumachain, a comprehensive end-to-end solution for food supply chains.

To further advance the concept, MetaDhana signed a joint venture partnership agreement with Ranida Games, an established game development studio in the Philippines with millions of active players worldwide. Ranida will expand the technical possibilities and release the MetaDhana play-to-earn games.

For the creative production required by the ecosystem, a joint venture partnership agreement was also signed with Studio 9 Lives, an animation studio founded in 2015 with clients from Japan and the USA. Studio 9 Lives is known for its work on popular Netflix animation titles and many other popular Japanese animations.

The consortium also has existing partnerships with leading comic publishers, creators and artists from the Philippines, the US and Abu Dhabi; especially Noir Caesar Entertainment, owned by Milwaukee Bucks player Johnny O’Bryant III.

In addition, MetaDhana maintains working relationships with influencer agencies in the Philippines, which have a talent pool of over 200 influencers. The marketing team is led by Dexter Paglinawan, a top 5% affiliate marketer, consultant, speaker and NFT gaming influencer with 60,000 subscribers on Youtube.

Finally, through its own digital marketing agency, MetaDhana has managed and developed products for global B2B and B2C companies, generating results through campaigns valued at over $ 20 million. the

The agency has access to its own and rented social media assets such as Facebook pages, groups and Tiktok accounts and has a combined follower number of more than 50 million followers.

“We envision MetaDhana as a real launchpad, a new way for YouTubers to address an audience and monetize their work. Our goal is to educate and spread a universal protocol, a world game developers can design and earn, a space where comic book and e-book creators, readers and even gamers make money, all within blockchain and AI -based technology, ”concluded Peñalosa.

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