BOULDER, Colorado – October 12, 2021 –ManagedMethods, the leading cybersecurity, student security and compliance platform from Google Workspace and Microsoft 365 for K-12 school districts, announced today that it has been recognized by TMC as the winner of the Cloud Computing Security Excellence Award 2021. The Cloud Computing Security Excellence Award recognizes companies that have used cloud computing most effectively in their efforts to bring new, differentiated offerings to the market.

“K-12 school districts continue to lead the way in adopting cloud technology, but are falling behind in securing the cloud,” said Charlie Sander, chief executive officer, ManagedMethods. “The district’s IT teams are in desperate need of support. We are grateful to be recognized as a company that drives the online safety efforts of schools. “

To keep students and staff connected, school districts rely heavily on the cloud collaboration applications in Google Workspace and Microsoft 365. Access to these applications from outside the perimeter security of the school district is increasing. This has exposed the districts to new cybersecurity, student security, and privacy vulnerabilities. The use of unmanaged devices by students and home workers creates an additional challenge for IT teams.

ManagedMethods provides a centralized command center for managing Google Workspace and Microsoft 365 cybersecurity and student security risks. Over the past year, ManagedMethods added monitoring and reporting capabilities for Google Meet, Chat, and Classroom. This gives IT teams more visibility and control over the activities that take place outside of the classroom. The company also unveiled its AI-powered student safety monitoring tool, Signals, to better monitor, identify, and control student security risks in cloud apps.

“TMC and Cloud Computing Magazine are proud to recognize ManagedMethods as recipients of the Cloud Computing Security Excellence Award,” said Rich Tehrani, TMC’s chief executive officer. “ManagedMethods is honored for its performance in bringing innovation and excellence to this crucial market segment.”

To learn more about ManagedMethods and the company’s award-winning cybersecurity, student safety and compliance platform, please visit the company’s How It Works page.

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