More and more people around the world dream of living a life free from the pressures and constraints of a regular 9-to-5 job. In the same mindset, the concept of e-commerce, digital sales, and drop shipping has grown exponentially in popularity and is appealing to those who want to start a business but don’t have a lot of capital or time. There may be no one who knows more about ecommerce and dropshipping than Jay Jones (, of, who has made millions of dollars for himself and others through dropshipping and online stores .

Jay is a serial entrepreneur who turned multiple businesses from startup to 7 digits, developed multiple revenue channels, as well as created a hands-free approach for people to become highly profitable drop shipping entrepreneurs themselves using his proven Walmart automation model.

“Our e-commerce shops are an automated 6 to 7-digit Walmart automation business that is done for you. We use a drop shipping model that is completely handed over to the partner. We call our “customers” partners because they are the main investors and we run the entire business and day-to-day business. We have a full fulfillment, customer service and personalized agent team for every business. We also have our exclusive, proprietary viral product software that searches for new products 24 hours a day, 365 days a year so our stores never run out of top-selling products. ”

Jay has had incredible success on multiple channels including Shopify and Amazon and firmly believes that Walmart automation is the best platform and opportunity for people to get involved in ecommerce right now. Walmart, as Jay explains, is one of the e-commerce superpowers. Amazon is the largest fulfillment platform in the world and Walmart is the second largest for e-commerce. Amazon has millions of sellers worldwide and that can have many disadvantages for sellers. Jay has grown several stores on Amazon to over 6 digits and believes Walmart is a far more agile and profitable platform for entrepreneurs to jump into right now.

Through, Jay and his team have developed a one-stop shop for those who want to create a passive source of income. You take care of everything, and customers sit back and enjoy the benefits of a highly profitable online shop. “You create income generating cash flow, a positive asset that will add value over time. So you know it’s very, very cool and a very lucrative opportunity. This is a way for people to enjoy their time and make money in order to create reliable passive income without starting from scratch. “

Jay and his team cover every aspect of starting and running the day-to-day running of an e-commerce store. Jay became a self-made millionaire before the age of 25 after dropping out of college to pursue his passions, realizing his path and strengths in developing and running e-commerce businesses. Now dedicated to the goal of showing others the life of their dreams is possible, he uses his own experiences of success and failure to inspire and guide others to financial success through e-commerce entrepreneurship. He’s also a well-known luxury travel influencer, showing other entrepreneurs how to use Instagram to take their business to levels they’ve never dreamed of. Jay also started a new company, Done For You Funding, which helps people access large amounts of money to start and enable businesses like Walmart Automation, YouTube Automation, and Travel to live the lives of their dreams.

Learn more about Walmart Automation and the unique and hugely successful opportunity with Jay Jones and Alpha Automation and visit his Linktree, to learn how this opportunity can make your life and business can change for the better.


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