IBM Thursday has strengthened its drive to dominate the business process automation market with the acquisition of the prestigious Italian software company myInvenio.

Financial details of the transaction were not disclosed.

“We have just given partners the greatest weapon they could ever have to tackle this automation opportunity,” said Rob Thomas, senior vice president of cloud and data platform at IBM, CRN in an exclusive interview.

MyInvenio software enables partners to quickly identify sales, procurement, production, accounting and other processes that can be automated, save money and accelerate operations.

The deal expands IBM’s growing automation portfolio and builds on IBM’s 18-month platform structure. According to Thomas, thanks to the myInvenio automation muscle, IBM is now the “most complete” provider of automation platforms for end-to-end companies and IT services. “I have 100 percent confidence in that,” he said.

With the myInvenio software, partners can do a kind of “health check” that shows customers which business processes can be automated to achieve the greatest cost savings right from the start, said Thomas.

“When a partner walks into a customer with our automation platform in their pocket, they can step in and say, ‘I can do a health check and tell you which process to stop, which process to automate, and how quickly can I get it done for you “Said Thomas to CRN. “With myInvenio you can answer this question in hours. No days, no weeks. We can answer this question in hours. “

The myInvenio deal continues the IBM automation offensive after the acquisition of the software manufacturer WDG Automation for robotic process automation (RPA) and the software manufacturer Instana for monitoring application performance was completed last year. It also follows a strategic partnership with ServiceNow to develop a joint IBM AI-based version of the popular ServiceNow IT automation platform.

Thomas called myInvenio “the next piece” for IBM channel partners who sell customers solutions for the automation of business processes.

“If you look at most of the players in RPA, they just do one piece, that is, they do the front end,” said Thomas. “Now we do the front end, we do the back end. We also do the health check. With this announcement, we have the most comprehensive automation platform on the market. “

The myInvenio deal comes just five months after the two companies announced a “global strategic business partnership” to integrate myInvenio’s process and task mining technology into IBM Cloud Park for Automation by December 2020.

Upon completion of the acquisition, expected later this quarter, myInvenio software will be integrated into IBM’s automation portfolio, including the hybrid cloud software, Cloud Pak for Business Automation.

The deal is sure to give Cloud Pak for Automation a boost, which has seen strong double-digit growth over the last quarter.

The business process automation market has a double-digit growth opportunity for the software market of $ 40 billion, said Thomas.

The partners are ready to play a big role in automating IBM. Earlier this year, IBM CEO Arvind Krishna told CRN that IBM is investing $ 1 billion in “rapidly expanding” its partner ecosystem as it increases its focus on hybrid cloud and artificial intelligence AI.

For his part, Thomas said that the benefits of the myInvenio deal go far beyond the largest medium-sized companies.

“Partners should feel comfortable when the core of our automation strategy has actually been designed for medium-sized companies,” said Thomas. “Now we’re getting bigger, but I think you’ll find that you can pick these up and run with them right away.”

Some partners are already seeing results from the automation push from IBM. John Longmire, Chief Revenue Officer of Boston-based IBM partner Ironside, told CRN that bundled and integrated automation technologies like IBM Cloud Pak for Data, as well as the overall lower cost of getting started with automation, made enterprise automation tools very accessible to medium and even small businesses have made . ”

“Today we see companies of all sizes doing very well with AI, even if they only build a handful of models,” Longmire said.

For his part, Thomas promised that IBM will continue to invest heavily in the automation of business and IT services in the future. “This entire area of ​​automation, be it on the business process side or on the IT side, is an issue that we will continue to invest in,” he said. “I would consider myInvenio to be an important part of the business process. But this is still an area we’re just getting started with. “

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