Gather, an online platform that enables publishers and businesses to make money without advertising, represents a fascinating use case for blockchain technology that can transform the way people consume content online. The idea revolves around swapping a modest amount of computing power from the consumer in exchange for an ad-free content experience. This ensures that the platform gets the processing power it needs and that the publishers are compensated while users browse websites seamlessly without intrusive pop-up advertisements.

Digital ads are becoming more and more intrusive.

Much revolves around the storage and transmission of private and sensitive information on the Internet, as the demand for privacy is very important in today’s world.

Large tech companies have been collecting data on consumers for years, but it is unclear how much ownership the users have of that data. It’s true, websites and social media have made their game better. Over the years they have gotten good at using our data to feed their AI algorithms, which they are constantly working on in the background to improve the overall user journey. However, this results in a poor user experience due to the constant efforts of advertisers on the Internet to generate revenue, such as: B. Ads, many of which are irrelevant to your buying habits or interests.

When you consider that people surf the internet every day, the question arises whether blockchain can dominate the digital advertising landscape. The EU has introduced a new General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) to change how companies handle data. Before its debut, collecting data from people was not transparent, even in the fine print of their privacy policy and terms and conditions.

While blockchains may require computing power to make systems fully functional, secure, and fast, Gather has identified the sweet spot where market demands can be met globally and through a symbiotic approach to revenue generation, computing power, and transparency.

Unobtrusive Gather Network advertising model

Gather is a next generation startup dedicated to monetizing user content with its own blockchain network (Mercury Release). The platform helps monetize online content and provides incentives for online user participation by providing website and app users with alternative and additional, non-intrusive sources of income.

With the addition of a robust native coin (GTH) and its own blockchain, Gather is taking a fresh look at building a sustainable business model for years to come and presenting a modern change for the web with more transparency, a fairer business model and more affordable computing power for businesses and companies to ensure widespread acceptance.

With its clever business model, the platform paves the way to a new source of income for content creators. Where many publishers lack the technology and services necessary to collect and monetize their content without relying on traditional digital ads, Gather has a better deal for privacy-hungry users.

To learn more about Gather, visit their website:

Published June 23, 2021


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