Buffalo Automation has dealt with. teamed up European alternative transport company Future Mobility Network launches an autonomous robot taxi service in the Netherlands.

I first wrote about one of the first successes in introducing Buffalo Automation in the US in December 2020. Since then, the team has set its sights on penetrating the European market, where the bicycle-ped culture is not only common, but a way of life. That is why the transport project subsidized by the Dutch provincial government to promote the autonomous electric ferry as an affordable and environmentally friendly taxi alternative. With easy access to a Ridesharing app, pedestrians and cyclists can call the Robotaxi (free for Dutch residents up to October 2021) to get from place to place, much like the Queen City Bike Ferry runs in Buffalo’s Inner Harbor. The big difference is the AI ​​technology used by Buffalo Automation (a Buffalo start-up).

“From the beginning, Buffalo Automation’s goal was to use our technology to improve safety and decarbonize the water,” explains CEO Thiru Vikram. “This project was made possible by like-minded local community and business leaders who are open to researching alternative transport models. This historic launch will reinforce our commitment to provide the people of South Holland with a safe, clean means of energy transport that protects their many highways and natural resources. Launching this electric robotaxi service powered by our Greycraft technology on a European river has been an exciting endeavor for our field operations teams. We are pleased that Dutch officials as well as the people from FMN and NGS share our vision and look forward to further planned market launches across the pond. “

“The special thing is that the municipality of Teylingen has the hit: a self-driving ferry!” Says the municipality of Teylingen, South Holland alderman Helen Hooijwho is a champion of green technology. “It’s great that we can use this innovative ferry service, planned and implemented by one of our residents, this summer. And it’s fantastic that students from Delft can find a place to learn for their projects on de Groote Sloot. I am very proud that this ferry is a pilot project for pedestrians and cyclists. If the ferry turns out to be a success, it can contribute to sustainable access between the Kagerzoom and Koudenhoorn recreation areas. “

Aside from the fun factor, easy access to the water, and the impact on the environment, that is robotaxi democratizes transportation by making it affordable while giving more people the ability to effortlessly “navigate” the waters.

Anne Koning, Provincial Council of South Holland, explains: “Because of the measures to contain the coronavirus, we are increasingly going out in our own country. As a result, the pressure to relax in our green spaces has increased considerably. With a grant from the province of South Holland, we are realizing an additional connection to the island of Koudenhoorn. So we hope for a better diversification of the visitors and we will ensure that those looking for relaxation can safely enjoy this beautiful area this summer. “

Wouldn’t it be great to see one of those robotic taxis on the Buffalo River next year? Let’s hope that we will be one of the next cities to use these futuristic means of transport “Made in Buffalo”. After all, how Anne Koning put it so succinctly: It’s about creating a better connection between people and destinations by the water – aren’t we trying to do that too? Shouldn’t we at least announce this company’s efforts while it embarks on these entrepreneurial ventures?

Get connected: www.buffautomation.com

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