Solutions Review lists the five questions you need to ask cloud computing solution providers when evaluating platforms. For five key cloud computing questions to ask yourself, consult our Buying Guide for Cloud Managed Service Providers.

Cloud-based products and solutions have become more advanced over the past decade and offer wider and expanded possibilities. Cloud service providers are pushing for cloud solutions and services for technologies in a variety of industries and industries, and hyperscaled cloud providers like Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud Platform are continuing to expand their platforms to be all-in – -An enterprise-class cloud infrastructure.

To help you evaluate potential cloud computing solutions, these are five cloud computing questions to ask solution providers during the product evaluation. If you find these questions helpful, check out ours Buying Guide Here you will find five more questions to ask yourself, a comprehensive market overview and complete, one-sided profiles of the top 22 offers as well as our “bottom line” analysis.

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5 important questions to ask cloud computing solution providers

How can my company add cloud services?

You can contract a managed service provider to achieve a single goal, but in the end you want more. Many organizations think they just need help migrating their data and applications to the cloud, but later discover that they want to automate their workloads. Since your initial agreement only covers the services you are starting out with, understanding how adding services will affect your partnership in terms of cost and support is critical.

What security services does the managed service provider offer?

When integrating a managed service provider into your cloud deployment, you need to ensure that they have strong security systems in place to protect your data. Every service provider should have native security protocols and strategies in place to protect your cloud environment from both internal and external security threats. This also applies to data compliance; a managed service provider should disclose all data regulations that it can comply with.

Does the service provider support hybrid cloud / multi-cloud?

Many companies design hybrid cloud and multi-cloud infrastructures, and you need to ensure that your potential managed service providers support these deployments. Some providers only support one public cloud provider, while others manage multiple cloud providers. Some are able to manage your on-premises infrastructure in addition to your cloud. Knowing what an MSP will support in advance can help you determine which providers are right for your business.

Is the service provider likely to grow in the near future?

The cloud managed services market is still in its infancy, which means that many managed service providers are likely to grow their businesses over the next few years. As providers continue to grow, companies need to know what their potential managed service providers are currently offering, what services they want to offer in the future, and when to use them. If you know a service provider’s roadmap, you can immediately know what they can and cannot provide.

How easy is it to switch cloud managed service providers?

After working with a managed service provider for a while, you may find that they just aren’t right for you. It happens more often than you think, but if you don’t plan this scenario in advance, the cost of moving from one provider to another can be high. MSPs should outline an exit strategy in their Service Level Agreement (SLA). In this way, you will learn how the service provider can help your company move away from their services successfully

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